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1014394_1480466375561642_9011536961783624266_n.jpgI do not know about you, but thugs and bullies tend to make life miserable. Surely it’s easy to say how unhappy they can make one be. But feeling sorry for yourself does not really stop the problem.

I would suggest in addition to this protection spell to protect yourself from bullies, you should avoid bully (if possible do not talk to them at all!). If the bully is harassing you in a consistent and malicious manner, talk to a manager or the school authority you can trust.


Learn how to make an amulet for protection from bullies


By using this protection spell to protect yourself from bullies, you will be in position to safeguard yourself from their violent acts. The amulet will repel them, make them develop a positive attitude for you and become your friends instead. Instead of dropping of that high school prematurely, you can mitigate and prevent yourself from failing. Use my protection spell to protect yourself from bullies – the perfect amulet for your situation.

What you will need for this spell
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A black candle

1 gray candle

A white candle

A piece of paper

Binding oil

Protective oil

How to Make This Protection Spell

On the night of the full moon, smear your white candle with protective oil. Grease your gray candle with blessing oil. Now Grease your black candle with bonding oil. Carve your name on the white candle and load it with your intention. Light your black candle and say the following words:
“Your heart is dark at night this spell represents you;”

Light your gray candle with the flame of your black candle

“You cannot hurt me anymore, I neutralize you”

Then light your white candle and say:

“Goddess of light, I am protected”

Then on the piece of white paper, using black ink, list the names of all thugs. Put the list of thugs in a small dish covered with the vinegar. Keep the vinegar dish on your altar until the night before the next full moon. Remember, this protection spell to protect yourself from bullies is just for beginners. If you want a stronger one; contact me.

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