What can my partner do to help me get pregnant faster? What helps to get pregnant faster

Ensure your partner is following a healthy diet strong muthi which helps to support healthy sperm function. So seafood, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fruits and cereals all need to regularly feature in his diet.
It’s important that your partner does not allow his testicles to overheat. Wearing tight underpants, sitting in a hot bath or spa and wearing tight trousers will all have an effect on the numbers of sperm, which he is producing. The reason why the testicles are located where they are is because they need to be kept at a cooler temperature than the rest of his body. He may want to consider wearing boxer shorts rather than briefs if you’re really keen to get pregnant more quickly.
Suggest to your partner that he conserves his semen for sex. It takes time for sperm levels to build up again after ejaculation which is why having sex more than once a day isn’t thought to help boost the chances of conceiving.
Keep interested and share the responsibility. Some men see their role in the baby-making business as being over once the sex has finished. But keeping the romance alive and showing genuine concern and willingness to be involved makes a huge difference.


If you want to get pregnant faster, then look after yourself. This may sound pretty basic but it’s one of those strategies that is often overlooked. Look after your general health and well-being. Working too hard, skipping meals, and not getting enough rest or sleep, all contribute to elevated stress levels that can potentially affect ovulation.
Make sure you and your partner are within a healthy weight range. Being overweight or obese won’t help your chances of getting pregnant; neither will being underweight.
Have regular sex. Without question, this is the number one way to get pregnant. Irregular, infrequent or sporadic sex automatically reduces the chances of conception. Aim to have sex every 2-3 days (or nights), and this will boost your odds.
Stop using all methods of contraception. If you have been taking the oral contraceptive pill, or have had contraceptive injections or implants, then you may find it takes a few months after they have been ceased for your regular cycles of ovulation to return to normal.
Be open-minded and not too prescriptive about your life. You may need to change plans to have sex when you are most fertile. Not everything can be planned for, and spontaneity is an important strategy when wanting to get pregnant faster.
You and your partner may benefit by having a medical check-up. Gaining reassurance and getting the all-clear from your GP will help to confirm that your body is ready to support conception and pregnancy.
Aim to have sex when you are about to ovulate, not afterwards. Sperm can live up to five days after they’ve left the man’s body, but ideally the woman’s egg needs to be fertilised within 12-24 hours after she has ovulated. You may want to keep an ovulation chart in order to track your cycle.

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