Christmas Love Spells in Durban

Christmas Love Spells in Durban

Christmas, 25th December is the day that Christians celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, the one who came on Earth and Died for our sins. Not only christians celebrate Christmas; Muslims, Jews too celebrate Christmas.

There’s more to Christmas than just celebrations. Christmas period and christmas itself is the day that we are supposed to show each others love and we are also supposed to get loved by those around us and the ones that we care about so dearly.

The 25th December is a very controversial date and it’s argued a lot amongst scholars whether Jesus was really born on that day or it was just a day based on the birth of the other deities such as Horus the Ancient god of Egypt or Maya the indian god.

Horus, the ancient god of Egypt has numerous similarities to Jesus Christ. Horus was born on 25th December, His birth was a virgin birth, Horus was crucified, died for 3 days and resurrected just like Jesus also did.

Below is the picture of the Ancient Egyptian god Horus Many scholars argue that, the whole theory of Jesus christ rotates around the pagan Sun god where the sun is replaced with a man called Jesus Christ and praised instead of the sun. I am a spell caster but also a believer in the bible. A philosopher once said if you are an atheist and die and find out that God actually exist, what will you do?

Since Jesus came with such much love that none of us can offer–died for our since. His birth is basically the birth of true love and so when we celebrate Christmas, we should also be celebrating love. We definitely have to abstain from corrupted behaviour that are anti-love and seek for love. Some people have never known love and I think it is good time that you get the Christmas Love Spells. This love spell will enable you to harness love from the people around you and you will have the love that you have never gone through. For those that would like to experience this awesome sort of love, Contact me for the Christmas Love Spell.

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