HALLOWEEN LOVE SPELLS IN DURBAN, JOHANNESBURG, CAPE TOWN… …Halloween all over the World comes with some spectacular celebratory fashion to it. An evil twist to the spectacle is the most predominant. In African Voodoo, there’s a very great difference between evil and traditional practices. people are often killed or segregated in Societies for being evil or wizards. In Islam there’s a Gin (Jin) which can either be evil or good and this is very important in distinguishing evil practices and traditional practices all over the World. Some societies have likened all African traditional practices to evil and others make the effort of finding out the truth about this generalisation or demonizing of the African traditional practices.

Here in Durban, South Africa, I have been practicing African voodoo for years. It has involved me in casting out demons from possessed persons and foremost is casting of spells . I have done this with a passion and has made a great deal of positive changes in people’s lives all over the World including the ARAB Worlds like DUBAI, SAUDI ARABIA, EGYPT and even IRAQ amongst others.

Spells and Halloween have been tried and tested and some spell casters have said it works a lot better. They claim that LOVE SPELLS when casted during the Halloween month or week–last week leading to the 31 October, it works quite fast and easily. I have not tried that though just because of the spiritual lines between African Voodoo love spells and the practices of halloween. they are distinct faculties in the divine.

It’s quite imperative that one understands that am not in anyway against Halloween and what Halloweeners celebrate but am just tryna make a distinction between Halloween and African traditional practices. I am a hardened believer in the African traditional practices because of its foundation spanning millennia of practice and the incredible results that the practice yields.

Nothing else is better than getting that sense of satisfaction after one has done a great job in making their clients smile. I like it when I travel especially abroad to the EU, the Americas and at least once in Asia (Pakistan) to cast a spell and after about two days or so, the client calls back on me and says a thank you that’s straight from their hearts.

I get absolutely humbled when clients call me just to say thank you for the positive change I have made in their lives. I will soon write a thank you article for my clients that I have helped and have been so nice to me all this time.

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