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OSAMA BIN LADEN, GEORGE W BUSH AND SEPTEMBER, 11 come handily synonymous. The 9/11 cult as I refer to it is so twisted that the truth about it is barely known. Many people basing on official and for the greater part unofficial evidence have ruled the whole occurrence as a staged incident. Some of the strongest critics have believed that it was a staged incidence because of the number of times that NORAD ‘failed’ to intercept the civilian planes and nature and haste at which the evidence around the PENTAGON was treated. Whether the 9/11 incident was an inside job or the truth, time will clarify that for us.

Osama bin Laden, the ex and late Alqaeda leader who was exterminated at his hiding mansion in Abbottabad in Pakistan by the American Seals bear the heaviest ‘responsibility’ for the 9/11 attacks that claimed over 3000 human lives on a single day. The most number of lives claimed in a single day in modern times. According to published documents, Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind this attack in their jihadist movement program to get rid of the non-believers.

The death of the former al-Qaeda leader garnered huge political points for the incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama. Political points that have since boosted his re-election bid for a second term in the White House. Critics, however, have criticized the White House for purposely leaking out classified documents relating to the raid that killed the Alqaeda leader in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Nevertheless, there are less disgruntled Americans to-date in relation to the life/death of Osama bin Laden than there are on the other side. Most disgruntled are republicans that look at the incumbent’s success as a big blow to their effort to overtake the White House from him. The contended Americans just say as long as he is dead, that’s it–whatever follows as long as their security is guaranteed does not concern them–In my personal opinion, I’d say the same.

So what with the 9/11 cult? I call it a cult for so many reasons, however, I will just highlight a little bit.

Too much fuss about it- It’s no offence to light candles in remembrance of those innocent lives lost on that day, however, to politicize it and make it a money making the event is mind-blowing to me.

Cults are, however, supposed to be treated as one. A proper cultist approach must be followed in order to rid the cult of its potential future harm. For those who were affected by the 9/11 attacks, they will have to be cleansed in order to avoid such incidents in their lives or the lives of their loved ones again. I have done this cleansing for a number of Texans in New York and am open to assisting anyone who’s been affected by this cult. To contact the prince, write me an email or call me. Thanks. From me to you with Spells, Love and Protection.

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