South Africa’s Evil Spell that needs to be Banished

South Africa’s Evil Spell that needs to be Banished imagesSouth Africa is one last African Country to get independence from the colonialists. It has been a long time coming for them. A lot of struggles by the African National Congress Party (ANC Party) went on for decades but not in vain or is it! The Country as we all know had been holed up in an evil spell that ranged from 100% segregation of the Majority by the Minority in an evil regime called Apartheid that went forever. The Apartheid Regime is one that basically punished melanin Rich South Africans for sins that they didn’t commit.

The Spell of the Apartheid regime cam to an end in 1994 when South Africa came out victorious with a Melanin Rich President called Nelson Mandela Madiba. He was a real blessing not only to South African but to the whole World.

Mandela took the role of president for just 4 years and called it good enough and left it for a younger leader, Thabo Mbeki who also ruled for some time and soon the current Jacob Zuma took over. The rule of Mr. Zuma has seen an unprecedented spells that have plagued the nation throughout. These spells came in different forms of which one included attacks agains majorly the black foreigners in this country in 2008. The so-called xenophobic attacks basically centred on South African blacks attacking non South African blacks. This definitely angered a lot of other Africans elsewhere who were together in the struggle to bring down Apartheid and then boom, came this disgrace (betrayal) by the black on the black.

The other Spell that’s still facing South Africa is the spell of corruption. Corruption is a disease that when it plagues a nation, it usually takes it down to debris. This is not new as we have seen this happen in almost every African Country and for South Africa (the hope of Africa) to settle for this kind of behaviour is absurd. Regardless of any efforts though, it looks like the country is already taking the path of this spell.

Bad spells like this can be avoided through many ways. Good governance of the country is one sure way of getting rid of this bad spell. However, good governance is not as easily achieved as it’s easily said. Leaders need to be blessed. In African tradition or voodoo, leaders need to be anointed with Fortune and good luck oils to guide their hearts in ruling the country. I have done this anointing for a number of local leaders in Africa and it helped them greatly in their leadership. I therefore, suggest that the leaders of South Africa should seek genuine African Help here in order to straighten up their path in leadership of this blessed country

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