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Perhaps one of the most ill understood and belittled types of Everyday/Mundane Magic is exactly Love Magic, that is, the Magic one makes use of to attract Love, Sex and Emotions to one’s life. I myself cannot understand why so many sneer at it. Frankly, I find the act of casting a spell and making Magic to attract one’s Heart Desire and Soul Counterpart one of the most serious and divine acts of worshipping the gods in a human being. Just recall a time when you were deeply in love and you will remember how human it felt and yet so close to god(dess)head. It felt like this both ways too, because the keyword for eternity as far as love is concerned is reciprocation. To be truly in love is an act of complementarity that transcends all dualities, it is the Pursuit of Pleasure, a joyous and willing surrender of selves in a Battle where both partners are winners, it is sharing, intimacy and play. Who teaches whom, it is impossible to say. Lover and Beloved become united in the Explosion of Senses, Tastes, Textures and Colors, in the Adventure of Lovemaking, physical and emotional to experience then the Divine manifest within and without themselves. Have you ever thought that the Universe is always making love to itself, ever changing, and that this is also called Evolution?  world’s most powerful love spell,powerful love spells free,ancient egyptian love spells,free love,spells that work overnight,love spell with salt,strong love spells,pomba gira love spell,red candle love spellFB_IMG_1530261229941.jpg

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