Best simple way to make him obsessed with you

When you learn how to make a man obsessed with you, then you’re. e best thing hands down you can do when you are trying to get a man. Every woman is special in their own way no matter your background, dress size, or status in life (I’m corny, whatever.) There are the simplest things that you normally wouldn’t even think of to do and manipulative in their own way and anyone can pull it off. Here are 15 ways to get him to beg for your presence in your life, I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results: Getting a man’s attention is not an easy task, especially because you are scared that he might give you the cold shoulder because he’s simply not interested. He could ignore you completely or even worse, he could discard you in a very ugly way. You have feelings for him and you want him to be able to reciprocate those feelings for you as well. You want him to obsess over you in the sense that he can’t stop thinking about you and the life that you could be sharing together in love. You want someone who is going to pore over ever single detail of your life just to show a greater appreciation for who you are.FB_IMG_1530261229941.jpg

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