Muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck

Muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck
isinyama it was the most perfect life any woman could have ever wanted, having the most wanted gentleman in town by your side, to call your own man. Having goals and dreams for the present and future, both of you were so much in love to the point where one would never think a breakup can be possible. He was all you’ve ever wanted in a man and more, he just never disappointed you ever since you both started dating. You loved each other dearly and all you ever wanted was to build a family of your own. He knew very well about your previous breakups and heartbreaks you had in your life but he reassured you that he will never treat you the way you were treated in the past. He vowed that he will make an honest, noblewoman out of you. Relationships are hard work hence its either you’re going to have good times and bad times, but at the end of it all, it’s all worth it, as long as you’re willing to put in the overtime. It becomes worrisome when every man you have been with leave without any valid reason. However much you give him all your love, do all he wants you to do, they still leave you. You try all you can, fight and fight to win him back, but all in vain.
Fix yourself, fix your love life now
My child, this is a harmful and undesirable misfortune, which I call isinyama. Firstly you did nothing wrong but it’s obvious that isinyama (bad luck) keeps on following you. When it comes to matters of the heart, love, relationship, all men leave you without any valid reason. They only promise to marry you, pay lobola which they never fulfil. They end up marrying other people in a very short period of time. Even when you’re the one who does the most, the outcome is still the same. Your are cursed with isinyama my daughter. All your life is not supposed to be like that, you need to be loved, marry the man your heart and be happy. Not this life of moving from man to man. Men using you and go, break your heart just because you a cursed with isinyama. Isinyama is the snatcher of happiness especially around women who wish to get married just like you. I say, stop isinyama from standing in your way of love or your love life. Use my muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck and get rid of that black cloud around your love life. My muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck will purify your love life back again after taking away isinyama. This muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck will turn you into every man’s dream. That man you loved so much that left because of isinyama, will run back to you after you have used my muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck.
Fix yourself, fix your love life now
I declare that with my powerful muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck you will always go “right” and never go “left”. All men when they see you they will see an instant wife, not a future wife. That is after the use of my muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck. Suitors will come knocking at your doorstep in numbers from Coast to Coast, Cape to Cairo. You are going to be supernaturally overwhelmed with happiness that even friends are going to die of envy. Fix yourself, fix your love life now before you lose that man you’re with right now because of isinyama. Drive him to pay lobala then marry you without anything standing in your way. Order my muthi to remove isinyama or bad luck and be need and loved by the man your heart desires. Hurry and get rid of (bad luck), say goodbye to dark days and hello to a happy life.

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